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Born to Run

An experiment conducted at the University of Arizona at Tucson suggests your “runner’s high” may be the result of natural selection.  The study, written about in The New York Times, examined whether humans are genetically predisposed to like running. The head of the study, Dr. David Raichlen, notes,

It appears from [the] study that we have the evolutionary drive to exercise. But modern man has learned to ignore it.

I’m starting to feel like The New York Times is lobbying for me to work out (I’ve been more than a little lax this month). Luckily, a friend and I just signed up for the Pride 10K in June!

Click here to read The New York Times article.


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Does exercise make you smarter?

A new study from the University of Illinois suggests that endurance exercise may improve our cognitive abilities. Click here to read The New York Times article, which suggests that exercise can slow or reverse the physical decay of the brain that begins in a person’s late 20s.

(Brain decay begins in your late 20s? My Civ Pro II grade is finally explained.)