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The reason I haven’t been posting



There’s a new resident in my apartment! Meet Frida, my Siberian kitten. While sadly (for my boyfriend’s sake), she’s not as hypoallergenic as I’d hoped, she’s a sweetheart  and is making final paper writing a lot more fun. (By the time we realized she was not hypoallergenic as promised, we were too smitten to give her back.)

stop typing! pay attention to me!

Frida has exactly two modes: wild and playful or sleepy and cuddly. As a result, I take most pictures of her with my phone, and they’re either blurred action shots or pictures of her asleep next to me or on my lap. She loves to be near people.

straight chillin'

Next up (okay, maybe in a few years), a dog named Diego, with whom Frida will have a tumultuous relationship.

wild child

Stay tuned for more vegan Lent recipes later this week!


6 thoughts on “The reason I haven’t been posting

  1. She really is cute. Didn’t know the hypoallergenic thing didn’t work!

  2. She is really adorable! My husband and I will be bringing home a male Siberian kitten in a few weeks, and so I enjoyed reading your post. Frida looks so playful!

  3. Thanks! I think you’re going to love him! I don’t know if it’s the breed, but she’s one of the sweetest cats I’ve met. Have you picked out a name?

    • Yes, we did. We are calling him Ivan – we also have a girl cat named Indie, and we thought the two sounded great together, Ivan and Indie! He is already 5 weeks old – and we can’t wait to bring him home. They truly are a wonderful breed of cats.

  4. Love the name! I hope you post some pics when you finally get to bring him home!

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